The Process Of Writing A Good Dissertation With Steps

Writing a dissertation will begin with the process of finding all necessities. Thus, you will need to read the guidelines of your university and talk with your adviser about the correct format your dissertation needs to be written in. Don’t allow the length of the dissertation to distract you or intimidate you from writing, since as soon as you have all of the required guidelines, the task won’t be that hard. Begin with your title page. The title of the dissertation will need to be in all CAPS and centered. Allow at least four blank lines between and then write your name, which also needs to be centered. After four more line spaces, you can write the names of your department and university.


Next you will write your acknowledgment. Here is where you will be thanking those that have helped in writing your dissertation. Now is for the table of contents. This will need to include every chapter and sub-chapter, along with all of their page numbers. You will then move on to writing your dissertation abstract and the proposal. Generally the abstract is a single paragraph that summarizes the entire dissertation by including all of the key points. Generally your proposal will be covered within the introduction. The introduction of your dissertation will usually have a statement of the issue along with a brief understanding of your studies and the significance. After having done this, you will write your methodology and literature review. All of your research, data and facts will need to be put into the chapter of the literature survey. This will be the body of your entire dissertation. In the methodology, you will state the size of your population as well as your methods of data collection.

Finally when you come down to the conclusion, you sum up all of your work and findings. Be very precise and talk about all of your findings.