A Collection Of Amazing Dissertation Topics On Women

Writing a dissertation on women gives you a wide array of topics to discuss, as well as a wide range of research to incorporate into your work. There has been extensive research on the role of women in society, the history of their struggles as well as other topics such as their sexuality. Due to the wide range of choice offered to students, many struggle to adequately pick a topic that will allow them to thrive in their work and enable them to hit the main key objective of a dissertation. Choosing the amazing topics on this page should allow you to write a high quality paper that will impress your professors.


As discussed, there is a wide range of topics to write about women. As such, this list of topics will reflect a wide range. You should choose a topic that interests you greatly. For example, if you are interested in history, then it is wise to choose a topic focusing on the role of women during the course of history.

  • Feminization of the legal profession in America
  • Female academics in the United States
  • The male perspective of women’s status in the American family
  • Trafficking of women in Europe
  • Women as actors in world politics
  • How disenfranchised women won the right to vote
  • The role of women in society throughout history and how it has changed
  • Young women and domestic violence
  • Working conditions of women in the workplace
  • What effect does staying in women’s shelters have on women?
  • The rise of dual earner families and the effects of this on women
  • Why do men go into politics more than women?
  • Education and women in Ancient Greece
  • Educational achievements on women in the United States

These topics will allow you to introduce extensive research pertaining to these topics, as well as enable you to analyze various viewpoints held by different experts and academics on the issue. These two points are vital to include in work, as they are one of the main criteria in attaining a high mark for your work.

As you can see, there is a wide range of topics you can write about in your dissertation about women. The trick to choosing a good topic is one which allows you to incorporate many research sources and analysis of different opinions. Although it can seem daunting, due to the sheer amount of topic choices, if you pick a topic from our list you should have no problem achieving success in your dissertation.