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What Are Dissertations? Who Needs To Write These Papers?

What kinds of papers are known as thesis? What is a dissertation? Well, proposal and thesis writing are areas of research that have traditionally presented a lot of challenges to the students who are enrolled in universities for their Masters Degree or Doctorate Degree courses. A Dissertation or a research thesis is a written scientific report that deals with the concerns that are related to a problem that one needs to tackle in their area of research.


The above dissertation definition will suit all the kinds of research that students will do as part of their academic work so that they can fulfill the requirements for them to be awarded the masters degree programs in all the areas that they may be enrolled for. This means that one may do a research and finally write a dissertation for the courses that they are taking in university. It does not matter whether one is enrolled for a degree in medicine or a degree in Education.

So, how are you supposed to write a dissertation? What is the structure of the paper that you will write? Is there a universal formula of writing these papers? From the above definition of dissertation, we all get to know that this kind of a school paper will be lengthy in nature. As such, you will expect the paper to have a structure that will make it easy to understand and easy for the reader to go through. More so, the professor who will go over this paper will need to have it written in clear sentences and well constructed paragraphs that will make the paper to be cohesive.

Now, before one embarks in the writing of their dissertation, they will have to do what is known as a thesis proposal. This is an intention of the writer or the student to engage in the writing of a well researched dissertation. As such, the proposal that you will write is what will finally become the final dissertation. The dissertation will consist of the first three chapters of the proposal that you will have written; plus the research findings as well as the conclusions and the recommendations. In short, the dissertation will have the following sections:

  • Chapter one: The Introduction
  • Chapter two: The Literature Review
  • Chapter three: Research Methodology
  • Chapter four: Research Findings
  • Chapter five: Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Now that you are conversant with the definition dissertation, you need to know how to start and conclude the paper. It will begin with the introduction of the subject matter that one is researching about. You will need to provide the background information to the kind of subject matter that you are researching about and briefly explain what has necessitated you to write this paper. The other chapters of the dissertation need to follow each other as explained above. A final dissertation can only be written when one has finalized data collection, data analysis as well as after you have made the conclusions and the recommendations.

The Step By Step Process Of Writing A Dissertation For Students

Generally, students ask “how many steps are there to write my dissertation?” Typically, there are six stages that one will go through when writing their dissertation, regardless of what field of study they are engaged in. In instances like Master’s and PhD dissertations, these are systematized reports that are written based on research that is carried out, and needs to be done so according to specific regulations. Below are the process of writing a dissertation that you should follow along with.


  • Contemplating And Brainstorming
  • This is probably the most important step when writing your dissertation. This is due to the course of action and thesis statements that are made during this. It will involve the selection of a topic and a title which will be discussed throughout the entire process of dissertation.

  • The Stage Of Preparation
  • This is the step where the dissertation writers are going to gather all of their important information for their research and the sources of the information that will need to investigate on the topic chosen. There are many research centers that have large databases of information where you can search on your chosen topic and choose information that is backed up with credible sources. These could range from magazines, pamphlets, journals and other credible sources that will help with your dissertation.

  • Conducting Your Research
  • It is very vital that you carry out your research and use documents to support your work. The materials for research could include journals, magazines and books. Certain dissertation writing might also involve using interviews and surveys.

    Writing The Dissertation
    After all of your needed research is conducted and your important information has been gathered, it is now time to sit and begin the process of compelling all of the information gathered within the first two phases. For dissertation writing help, competent and qualified writers online can help you write a satisfying dissertation that is up to the highest standards and well-researched. This comes from their many years of writing along with the resourceful information that they have at their disposal.

  • Sharing Results With Colleagues
  • After you write a dissertation, this step will ensure that your entire project is given a high rating from all of your fellow writers and is also seen as fit to be used in academics. However, this will only be able to happen if your writing has undergone much scrutiny and has been passed by the test of evaluation.

  • Stage Of Revision
  • At any point of time when you are writing a dissertation, it is vital that you have your work revised before you hand it over to your lecturers for the final evaluation. This is crucial since it will give you the chance to make any corrections to the grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes or misspellings that might have occurred during the process of the dissertation project. By now you should have a full understanding of the process that you will go through to write a dissertation. Hopefully with the use of these dissertation writing tips, you will be able to conduct a well-researched, structured and informational dissertation to impress your readers beyond expectations.

The Process Of Writing A Good Dissertation With Steps

Writing a dissertation will begin with the process of finding all necessities. Thus, you will need to read the guidelines of your university and talk with your adviser about the correct format your dissertation needs to be written in. Don’t allow the length of the dissertation to distract you or intimidate you from writing, since as soon as you have all of the required guidelines, the task won’t be that hard. Begin with your title page. The title of the dissertation will need to be in all CAPS and centered. Allow at least four blank lines between and then write your name, which also needs to be centered. After four more line spaces, you can write the names of your department and university.


Next you will write your acknowledgment. Here is where you will be thanking those that have helped in writing your dissertation. Now is for the table of contents. This will need to include every chapter and sub-chapter, along with all of their page numbers. You will then move on to writing your dissertation abstract and the proposal. Generally the abstract is a single paragraph that summarizes the entire dissertation by including all of the key points. Generally your proposal will be covered within the introduction. The introduction of your dissertation will usually have a statement of the issue along with a brief understanding of your studies and the significance. After having done this, you will write your methodology and literature review. All of your research, data and facts will need to be put into the chapter of the literature survey. This will be the body of your entire dissertation. In the methodology, you will state the size of your population as well as your methods of data collection.

Finally when you come down to the conclusion, you sum up all of your work and findings. Be very precise and talk about all of your findings.

The Procedure Of Writing A Ph.D. Dissertation

The writing of a PhD dissertation is a culmination of a series of researches that a scholar does in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the graduate degree of Doctor of Philosophy. This is one of the highest academic achievements that one can acquire. When you are preparing to write your dissertation, there are a number of questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you ready for the task of doing all the research and collection of the requisite data? Will you need some help to finish your paper in time? If so, what kind of help do you need and how much will it cost you?


In answering the above questions, you will have come with what is known as a work plan for the achievement of this feat. Researching for the data means that one will have to take not less than one year in the field interviewing the respondents of even holding focus group discussions. You may also need to prepare a questionnaire for this purpose; it will depend on the research instruments that you will have decided to use. Once you are through with the data collection and data analysis, you can then focus on writing a PhD dissertation based on this materials. It is also possible for one to have their dissertation written in full or partially. There are many companies that have specialized in this work and all one has to do is contact their trusted writing companies.

However, not all the companies that purport to write dissertations may have qualified writers. It is for this reason that one is always advised to vet all the writing companies that they engage in this task. You must bear this in mind when you choose to buy PhD dissertation from these writers.