Handpicked Thesis Topics In Finance: Expert Ideas

Stuck on how to do my dissertation paper about finance? Well, you came to the right place. Below are some handpicked thesis topics that, if written well, will blow away any finance professor. So go ahead and browse through them and find one you like!


  1. The implications and analysis of the shipping industry in Singapore.
  2. The relationship between capital and corporate structures.
  3. The economic implications of individual investment.
  4. The financial market of (insert country of choice here).
    • Give a DETAILED description of the entire structure of the financial market of whatever country or countries you want to discuss. Although, it would be better just to focus on one country at a time.
  5. The implications and importance of the global connection between financial markets.
    • Is it good that the world is so connected, and that country are heavily invested in each other?
    • Has is helped of hindered people in the past?
    • What affect does it have on the world and the countries involved?
    • What affect does it have on countries NOT involved?
  6. The implications and analysis of alternative investments (For example; Hedge Funds).
  7. The development of Internet and Online Banking.
    • Is this a good thing or a bad thing and why?
    • Pros and Cons of online banking
  8. Gender roles in the financial market.
    • What differences between genders occur in the finance market?
    • Are the differences apparent or subtle?
  9. The importance of teaching accounting ethics to students.
    • Use case studies to show how not teaching ethic in accounting can lead to bad results and then how it can lead to good results.
    • What needs to be changed or added to how it is being taught currently?
  10. The analysis of the role of the independent auditor.
  11. The comparison of accounting education among different countries: [Insert country of choice VS another country of choice]
  12. The evolution of women in accountancy.
  13. The structure of accounting education
    • What would you change if you had the chance?
    • What is being done well?
    • What needs to be included?
    • What needs to be revised?

Ending thoughts

It was my goal to help you get closer to finding the perfect finance thesis for your paper. Even if those did not float your boat, hopefully, it at least gets your gears turning and helps you think of an even better topic to choose!